As a Pisces I am obsessed with new starts.  I love changes, new seasons, new months, new weeks, new beginnings.  I love a good transformation.

There is something magical about the start of a new month.

Its a clean slate to start fresh.

Its a good way to add small, do-able new habits to your everyday life.

I have been writing down my monthly intentions for a while now, and it is making a big impact in my life.

Just from writing down a couple jot notes- and sticking it to my fridge- I have made significant changes.

I believe that what you put out into the universe, comes back to you.

The universe is always responding to us.

I believe putting pen to paper and actually writing out your goals and dreams makes you one step closer to achieving them.  One step closer to getting where you want, just by having an intention.

We really are a sum of our daily habits.  Our habits make or break us.

I like to put my intentions on my kitchen fridge.  That way when I walk by I am forced to read it multiple times a day (or if you’re a foodie like me, tonsss of times a day) 🙂

By repeating and re reading those same intentions you set, you are allowing your brain to absorb the info and use it in your subconscious even when you aren’t aware.

It can even help you to break bad habits when you are in the middle of an urge.

Re read those intentions, feel them deep in your bones.  You cant write things you hope to do, but don’t really care either way.  You need to write your intentions so that they are real and actually attainable for you.  They have to be something that gets you going, that motivates you and that challenges you to be your best self.

The biggest changes happen by small steps forwards.  I used to try to overhaul my life all at once, then get overwhelmed and easily fall back into old patterns.

Try to change one or two small things everyday instead of all at once.  That’s where big transformations happen.

You don’t climb an entire mountain in one day, you go up a little at a time, rest if need be, sleep, eat, then climb some more.

Little by little is how big changes are made.

I wrote 10 things for my September intentions.

Did I do all of them perfectly? no

Did I fail at some things? yes

BUT, I did do about 5 of them, every single day, and that is pretty damn good.

The worst thing to do is beat yourself up for not doing everything perfectly.  Perfection is an illusion anyways.  Be proud of yourself that you tried your best.

Then try again next month.  That’s what life is all about.  If you have something on your intention board you really know you should be doing but your resisting it… well…

I encourage you to lean in even closer to that feeling of resistance.  What you resist, persists.

The thing your resisting, is the thing you probably need most of all.  Don’t be afraid, lean in to it.

Today is October 2nd, and I realized last night my September intentions were still on my fridge.

Here are my new October Intentions:  (took me 5 minutes to do)




Keep it simple.  Make it pretty if you want.  Have fun with it.  Add things that make you feel happy, and warm inside.

I like to add little quotes, or reminders, or anything else that lifts your spirits.

I really urge you to give this a try.  Its small but its been life changing for me.

Set your intentions.  Live your life consciously.  Make choices that are for your best self.

Send out your plans and new way of being into the universe, and trust that you are on the right path.   Re visit it everyday.  Its not a one and done thing.

Every.  single.  day.

Will you take control of your day to day habits?

breaking bad habits











……………….. or will you let them control you?

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