Our skin is our biggest organ.

As well as the biggest tell tale sign of bad habits and age.

I do the most I can to keep my skin in good condition.

Sinking into a nice hot bath is one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax.

You can make the benefits of your bath 100x better with adding a couple of ingredients.

I am a strong believer that we need to be taking actions to decrease our toxic load often.

We are constantly being subjected to toxins.  They are in everything.

Our bodies are naturally detoxing all the time, but no harm in assisting that process.

Saunas are great for detoxing, however a bath can be much better detox wise if you are adding the right stuff.

I never feel better than after one of my detox baths. (bonus if you can really relax and light some candles, put on a meditation, or some light music).  Life changer guys.

I always dry brush my body first to get rid of any dead skin and to maximize the benefits.

So what do I put in my detox baths?


1. BAKING SODA (5 tbsp – 2 cups max) 


You’re probably wondering why the hell someone would put baking soda in their bath.

Baking soda is wonderful for your skin.  If you suffer from any kind of skin infections EVEN BETTER.

Baking soda helps cure itching and irritation of the skin.  It can help minimize all sorts of skin problems such as:  eczema, diaper rash, poison ivy bites, psoriasis, chicken pox, constipation and more

Baking soda is also an anti fungal and can kill candida build up related to yeast infections.

As well as cure Urinary Tract Infections by neutralizing the acid in your urine as well as removing germs.

Baking soda draws impurities and toxins from the skin, all while leaving your skin silky smooth like a baby.

There are many detox and cleansing properties in baking soda, don’t miss this one in your bath!

2. EPSOM SALTS (1 -2 cups max)

images (1)

This one is pretty standard.  But massively underused!

Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years to cure all sorts of aches and pains.

Epsom salts break down into magnesium and sulfate and your skin directly absorbs these minerals into the skin.

Epsom salts are super for:  insomnia (take a warm bath before bed as magnesium will naturally make you sleepy), arthritis, sore muscles from working out, sunburn, fibromyalgia.

The magnesium in the Epsom salts is also an essential mineral that a lot of people are actually lacking in.

Just by adding Epsom salts to your bath, you will feel much better health wise.

3. COCONUT OIL (1-2 tbsp)


I am prone to having dry itchy skin, but I don’t always like to moisturize with lotion.

I find coconut oil works better and leaves your skin so smooth and hydrated.

By adding coconut oil to your bath you are essentially deeply moisturizing your entire body , and its a bonus because you are sitting in it for an extended period of time allowing it to really penetrate into the tissues.

Coconut oil draws impurities and toxins from the skin.

Coconut oil is easily absorbed and putting it in your bath is time saving!

4. ESSENTIAL OILS (3-5 drops)


Essential oils are also easily absorbed into the skin, and bonus with the coconut oil as the two work together to maximize the benefits.

My favorite to put in is lavender, it smells delicious, gives you a spa like feeling and it has anxiety and depression reducing effects.  Perfect for after a long stressful day.

If you are sick or stuffed up, I recommend Eucalyptus essential oils, they will clear you right up!

Essential oils can cross the blood- brain barrier and so they are fast acting at reducing stress and calming the mind.

I am basically addicted to essential oils 🙂

5. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (1-2 cups max)


Apple cider vinegar has a lot of the same benefits of baking soda in that it is wonderful for the skin.

Apple cider vinegar balances the PH of your skin.  Making sure everything is in balance.  Our diets can be made up of  a lot of acidic foods so it is imperative that we counter act that.  Diseases can only grow in an acidic environment.

ACV also helps fight inflammation, which is at the core of most health issues.

It can also be used to fight sunburns, psoriasis and other skin issues.



Having a detox bath is both relaxing as well as great for your health.

You don’t have to do all 5 things in each bath (but I do).

Try out what you like and adjust from there.

Most of these ingredients are things that are in our kitchens already.  It takes 5 minutes.


You will thank me later.




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