Why do things keep re appearing in your life that cause you pain?

Like the same type of relationship dynamics or the same types of situations.

If you keep cutting people off, or starting a new chapter, and the same situation is coming up again through different people:  it means the issue lies within you.

We need to look deep inside of ourselves and figure out where we keep allowing them to appear.

Its much easier to blame other people than it is to fix ourselves.

One thing that keeps coming back up in my life is boundaries.

In the past, I have been terrible with boundaries.  I used to be a people pleaser to the core,  it was the role I assigned myself as a little girl.  I never learnt and instilled proper boundaries in any of my relationships until the last couple of years.

Not having healthy boundaries can be extremely painful, and its still a work in progress for me.

The thing I am realizing is it isn’t a one and done thing, the lesson will keep reappearing, until you finally deal with it.  The universe is continually giving lessons.

If I am not setting boundaries, how can I expect them to be met?

If I am not being honest, how can I expect others to know what I am thinking?

If I am not owning my part, and realizing the patterns that I keep setting in motion, the universe will keep showing me the same lesson.

This was a situation for me to grow from, not a situation for me to shrink back away from and run from.

Its time to step into the power and lessons I have learnt, and act on them.

I don’t live to please other people and I am under no obligation to be who I was even an hour ago.

I never would have had the ability to see or change this pattern if I wasn’t willing to accept my flaws.

I don’t want this pattern to ever play out in my life again, so I am going to do the work.

This “mistake” I made, is not a mistake, its a test from the universe, to put my work into action.

To actually walk my walk, no bullshit babe style.

I can turn this around and set the boundaries that I need to- even if it feels bad and awkward.

Its funny how things that can seem overwhelming and scary, are exactly the moment you need to step into it, and do the damn work.

Get this shit fixed for once and for all.

Where do you suck at setting up boundaries?

Remember – people are sent into our lives as teachers and lessons.

Don’t forget to take the lesson from it 🙂








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