Change in life is never linear.

god's plan vs my plan

As much as we wish, we don’t just wake up one day and decide we are going to be perfect and never make a mistake again.

Heck no, life is one big journey with many ups and downs.

We are continually being molded into who we are day in and day out.  Its a process that is never complete.

Don’t be so damn hard on yourself if you fall back into bad habits or your old ways.

Its the only way we learn.

Falling back into our old painful ways can actually be a blessing for us.

We can see how badly that way of life hurts us now, and how far we have come.

It keeps us humble.

Sometimes we don’t get something right the first time, or even the 1000th time.

Sometimes it takes however long it takes.

The most important thing to remember is that life’s ups and downs are necessary for you to grow into a diamond.  Diamonds are formed under intense pressure.

In the down moments of life, we learn and grow and become stronger.

And in the up moments of life, we laugh and embrace and celebrate.

There couldn’t be one without the other.  Learn to accept periods of struggle as a part of life.

You may think you’ve got it all planned out, but there will always be another valley up ahead.

God wants us to be strengthened.

We don’t know what he is getting us ready for in the future.

So if you fall down……


You are a diamond under construction.



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