It is all mindset.

If you have a bad mindset nothing and no one can help you.

Who you are and how you portray yourself to the world is all based on who you believe you are.

We all want to be happy and successful.  It starts with believing we deserve to be happy and successful.  You deserve so much more than eating and walking with the cows (crowd).  It starts with believing that you deserve so much more than that.

If you don’t think you deserve more, then good luck friend.

The first step to getting out of where you are, to where you want to be, is belief it can be done.

It doesn’t matter what other people think and believe, those are their limits they’ve succumbed too.

If your parents think you will never make it moving to another city or country, that’s because they don’t believe they could do it. 

Think about what a difference in mindset makes.

You know the person who is always positive, believes in possibilities, doesn’t let negativity or whining get her down, jumps out of bed in the morning saying “its a beautiful day to be alive”

Or the person who drags themselves out of bed in the morning, mopes around all cranky and annoyed complaining about this and that and hating her job.

That is a difference in mindset.  One person is deciding to think about the day as another day to be and do all that they can.  A world of possibilities.  They have a smile on their face.  Even if they aren’t yet where they want to be, they believe they will get there, so they remain in a joyful state.

The other person is deciding to go around complaining and blaming everyone and everything for the position she is in except herself.  She is choosing to see the bad and negative about the day.   They don’t believe life can get better or that they can do anything about it, so they remain closed off and stuck.

Maybe someone told you bad things about yourself as a child, and you believe them.

It doesn’t make it true or correct, just that you eventually started to believe it too.

Start to notice self limiting beliefs you tell yourself over and over.  Once you notice the tape reel playing in your head, you can begin to question and change them.

And say FUCK YOU to anything and anyone that tries to make you believe badly about yourself.

If you really think about it, the only one who can defeat you is yourself.

You can always try harder, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you will fail.

Change your mindset, change your life.

If you think you are a loser and suck at this and that.

That’s what you will be.

Decide to believe you are capable of great things.

Start to believe that your past doesn’t equal your future.

Believe there is a world of good people.

Believe you were made for more in this life.

Our beliefs are so much more powerful than we give them credit for.

Our beliefs are much more powerful than our genes, our race, our upbringings.

I saw an African American on Dr. Phil the other day, and she 100% without a doubt believed she was Caucasian.   She hated other African Americans (even her mom and brother) and were disgusted by them.  Everyone was shocked and disturbed to say the least.  But she believed that in the core of her body and no one was going to tell her otherwise.

That’s how crazy our beliefs can be, how powerful they are.

The good thing is…..

Your beliefs about who you are can be changed at any time

Believe you are unstoppable.

Believe you have what it takes.

Because if you don’t believe it, you wont achieve it.

Its the law of the universe friends.



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