Weed became legal here in Canada on October 17, 2018.

I coincidentally quit my daily habit shortly after.

Kind of fucked up right?

Why would I choose to quit right after it becoming legal?

Well, this is my experience with smoking weed daily, and why it is harmful.

I believe that weed should be legal and people should have the option to smoke or not, without going to jail.

Weed does have medicinal benefits, but when you smoke it often enough or daily, it can have some really bad side effects  (especially when you are not using it for medicinal purposes).

I’ve noticed heavy smokers are really moody, I was.   If I wasn’t smoking, I was irritable and easily annoyed.

They are also quick to jump down anyone’s throat that claims pot is bad, or addictive, or really anything negative about weed.

The reason people defend pot so much, is because deep down, they know they are addicted to it.  That’s why they say “I can quit anytime I just don’t want to.”  Believe me, I said that too.  And to whomever doesn’t think weed is addictive, you’re fooling yourself.  It is not physically addictive like heroin addiction (but it is psychologically terribly addictive.)

You DO get withdrawal symptoms when not smoking if you use daily.  Your cannabinoid receptors are responsible for a lot of automatic processes in our bodies.   By smoking daily, you are really messing that process up.  You will have to go through your body normalizing itself again, and it is uncomfortable.



Getting into the daily habit of smoking weed is bad, bad, bad.  It creates a habit loop.

You smoke to reduce anxiety lets say, and it works for the time being.  Then, when the high wares off, you have more anxiety.  What is the thing you know is going to cure anxiety?  More weed.  And on and on you go.  The same can be applied for stress, escapism, basically anything you use weed for.

That is the addictive cycle.

Every time I would quit for a couple days I would get extreme anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, irritability and anger.

Weed is a sneaky little devil that actually causes the symptoms that it claims to cure.

It temporarily cures it, and then exasperates it long term.

Once your in that cycle, you have to suffer through to get back out, and IT. IS. NOT. FUN.

Most people say fuck it, and go back to weed because weed also ……..


Weed has this almost cure all vibe to it floating around.  Sure, it does have a lot of medicinal properties, but that’s for if you have cancer or and illness.

That doesn’t give you, a healthy person an excuse to abuse it.

Weed has benefits, but it has downsides.

But the thing is, its so subtle that you don’t even realize its happening.

With alcohol, the effects are so scary and pronounced you just know and feel the bad effects.  With weed, it slowly changes you and your habits to a degree you don’t notice.

But it does, and will cause you to loose your self esteem.  It makes you self conscious.  Makes you grab on to the negative thought spirals in your head.  It makes you lazy and hungry and unmotivated.   The more you smoke, and the longer, the less and less of the “positive benefits” you get, and more and more of the negatives come.

When I was smoking daily I would barely get high.  I would go into a comatose state, numbed out, I often felt guilty and sad and anxious.

But, once your so in it, weed has this way of attaching itself to you.  Like its your best friend.  You become so used to it, you don’t know any other way.  Sometimes, you will have an epiphany about how truly fucked up the cycle your in is, but then you smoke up and forget about it till next time.


Every time something bad happened, or I was stressed, I smoked to forget about it.

Doing that for 10+ years, means I have covered up a lot of stuff that I should have just dealt with.

Emotional maturity comes from dealing with and working through your problems with a clear mind.

You cannot do that smoking marijuana.

You become like a toddler with a pacifier.  Any little thing that upsets you or hurts you, you smoke over.  You are never really dealing with your problems, or growing as a mature adult.

This is why when so many long term smokers quit, they have all these feelings and emotions and memories rush to the surface.  It can feel overwhelming.  Guess what fixes that?  More weed.

Dealing with your problems with weed is a short term solution that leads to a long term problem.

It is like having a dirty kitchen, and cleaning it up by shoving all the dirty dishes and pots and pans in the cupboards.  Sure, it looks clean,  but all you’ve done is hide the mess.  Which will all come falling out sooner or later.  You may as well scrub the dishes, work your way through it, and clean it up right the first time.


And you know what they say about comfort zones…. nothing grows there.

Weed can and does give you insight and can raise your vibration higher to begin with, but if you smoke everyday, you can become stuck there.

It is just keeping you where you are.

But we keep smoking it because of the 3 above points.

Deep down you know its holding you back from being the best and most productive you, you can be.

It stops you from growing into a clear minded, purpose driven, emotionally stable adult.

And to me, that’s the most important reason.

I do not want to look back on my life with regrets.  Living in a haze of foggy headed smoke.

There is so much to live and experience, and I want to remember it all.


When you smoke often and a lot, you lose interest in a lot of the small things in life.  You are so used to giving yourself multiple dopamine hits a day (that you didn’t work for), that you stop looking for enjoyment in other places.  You can immediately get a dopamine hit from weed so why bother.

You also get to a point that you don’t enjoy doing anything unless you are high.

Going to eat supper?  better get high

Going to have a bath?  better get high

Going to watch a movie?  better get high

Going to the beach?  better get high

Dog park?  better get high

You get the idea.  Being high makes seemingly mundane tasks and activities seem ultra fun, so eventually you cant and don’t want to do them unless you are high.


Literally.  You have nothing to show for it.   You also build a tolerance to weed pretty quickly.  The more weed you smoke, the more weed you need to get that same high.  It turns into a vicious cycle.

I’ve spent so much money in my lifetime that could have gone towards something better.

Weed is the biggest time and money killer in the world.  It makes you OK with being bored.  When you are bored is when you should be out there learning new things, building your dreams and working on yourself.


Now that weed is legal here in Canada, we might be seeing more of this happening.  People don’t openly talk about this, because its taboo.  Go to Reddit and check out the sub called r/leaves.   You can gain an insight it is much more of a problem than people realize.

Don’t fool yourselves like I did for so long that I was fine smoking daily and it was harmless.

Its a beautiful plant that is made to be used with intention and balance.






12 thoughts on “WHY I QUIT SMOKING WEED

  1. Great post! I can say that when I tried it as a teenager for fun, I hated it because it gave me the munches and being spaced out didn’t suit me. I grew up working out due to boys calling me fatso. Boy, I’m sure they’re pulling their d*cks right about now. I was chubby for 2 yrs but it empowered me to workout. A grandma with ripoed abs.

    Anyhow, back to the weed. As you stated, I definitely think it’s needed for so many medicinal reasons. I know Montel Williams uses it for his MS and got off all the pills he was taking. It’s great for folks with seizures, etc.

    I suffer chronic back pain and the anxiety that comes from it due to an accident on a commercial set. I’ve been on my meds for 11 1/2 years as needed. They don’t get me high, they make me normal without the pain. They give me back my life and the power to be this empowerment coach with greater knowledge and understanding because of my suffering.

    I would use weed but my 2 prescriptions are far cheaper than weed.

    The other point I wanted to make is that whenever someone uses something that they don’t need, the body’s receptors will change with continued recreational use.

    For people with ailments, like myself and tons of others; it a necessary tonic like water is to anyone else. Some ignorant people that don’t suffer, don’t understand that you can’t live with chronic pain, it’ll kill you through the stress on the body/heart and lose your mind.

    I know someone very close who got bone cancer and she died after losing her mind due to the pain. Apparently, the aholes didn’t give her the necessary morohine to go in peace.

    I’ve been through a lot of deaths and pain. Nobody should have to beg for their meds. This World needs a strong ass enema😁, the last chapter in my latest book.

    Glad you’re living life to the fullest. Keep it up! xoxo, Emna

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    • I completely agree! For people who suffer chronic pain and illness – It is a heaven send, and the positives far outweigh any negatives. . Smoking it just to escape or “get high” is where the problems come. Well if I can look as good as you then ill stay away from the munchies 🙂 Sorry to hear about your back pain and the pain of that person close to you, that is terrible…. 😦

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  2. The first time I had to quit for a job was 1993. ALL OF MY FRIENDS SMOKED a lot of weed and it was tremendously difficult. Then, I don’t know… I was a chronic user until 2001, then I left the country and couldn’t get any very often for 2 years. And then it became a take it or leave it until last summer. I am over it. I bought some last summer, thinking I would split it with some people but they kept forgetting to get me cash, so I still have quite a bit. I don’t know what to do with it now… my winter job is starting up again and while it’s not a hard fast drug testing rule anymore, if I get hurt then workman’s comp won’t pay my medical bills.
    I have been thinking about what you wrote since yesterday and it’s so true. I am over it and they just legalized medical marijuana in my state but I have no medical need for it nor do I like it… I always feel so much better when it’s out of my system and the brain fog has lifted.

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