Me and my pup Jax 🙂

I was at the dog park with my hubby and dogs a while back.

I was watching my dogs interacting and playing with other dogs.

I thought, “Gee, my pups are completely present and immersed in each experience.”

Then I started thinking even more about the difference between how us humans interact and think, and how dogs interact and think.

They would have no fear or social anxiety about doing exactly what they wanted to do.

They didn’t wonder what the other dogs were thinking about them.

They just were.

They don’t compare themselves to the other dogs, or act a certain way because one dog says its cool.

No, they sniff asses, and bite necks, and roughhouse and they don’t give a damn if that dog doesn’t like them.

They didn’t overthink every single interaction they had afterwards, wondering “should I have done this, or that”

Then they just move onto the next encounter.  Fully in the present moment of each single experience.

Never thinking about what we were just doing, or what we are about to do.

Dogs don’t live in turmoil over regrets.  Dogs just are.

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