You don’t have to run from sadness, anger or despair.

In fact, if you do, it will cause you even more pain.

Life cannot and should not be all a bed of roses.

That is the yin and yang of life.

We are human beings and we have a full spectrum of emotions for a reason.

We label feelings as good or bad.

They are neither.

They are all teachers.

Not everyday is supposed to be wonderful or exciting.

We don’t need to try to make it be.Β  Its okay to be a bit bored during the day to day.

We try to escape feelings we have labelled “bad” by turning to anything to change our state.

People drink and smoke and use anything to escape these “bad feelings” daily.

Once we can accept that sadness is a part of life, we can sit with it.

It isn’t going to kill us.

Our emotions are just that, energy in motion.

They will pass.

I’ve learnt that not everyday has to be full of serotonin and dopamine.

That if you’re having a bad day, tomorrow will be better.

Sadness is just as important in our lives as happiness is.

Want can’t have one without the other.

Channel and work through your pain, create art with it, blog about it.

Pain has purpose, pain makes the most beautiful works of art.

We are meant to fully feel, that’s what the human experience is.





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