DONT BE AFRAID TO BE REAL (1)Everyone comes into this world as a caterpillar.

First they crawl, then they walk.

Then they start to live in the world, blissfully unaware of all the changes and growth they must go through in their lives.

They have troubles and setbacks but they are mostly happy.  They keep moving forward thinking life will always be this way.

One day, they go into a deep kind of existential depression.

They don’t know their purpose, they cant seem to get anything right, and all they seem to have is struggles and troubles.  They start to wonder what the point of this all is.

Then something really bad happens to the caterpillar.

They go even further into the depression.  Nothing is going right and they feel pain all the time.   They ask for help, for someone to take away the pain.

Others ahead of them have gone through it.  “Its going to be hard”, they say, “but once you get through it, you will be thankful for it.”

Oh great…. this just makes you feel even worse.   Thankful for what?

You can’t seem to understand why some of your friends are happily living their lives, unaware of the pain.  You don’t understand it at all.  You wonder why you?  Why can’t I  just be happy all the time like other caterpillars?

So for months in a row, you are bed ridden.  You don’t want to see anyone, and you feel completely alone in your struggle.  You sit with the unpleasant feelings of being a caterpillar and wish you were something else.   You feel uncomfortable, afraid and downright sad.

During this time you read, a lot.  You work on yourself.  You sit with your problems, and you rest.

Then out of the blue one day, you realize you feel different, like a weight has been lifted…. maybe even happy?

You look down at yourself and see that you are completely different.  Not just a little bit, but completely.

You are brightly colored orange and pink and you have wings.

Yes wings, you can fly.

You soar through the air, dipping and diving and showing off your new wings.

You feel on top of the world, and the pain and depression of your time in isolation is nothing but a bad memory, an experience.  An experience you are now very glad you had.

You can see the reason for the caterpillars pain, and you feel empathy and understanding for who you used to be.  You are proud of how strong the caterpillar was.

You can see there was a plan bigger than you knew all along, you were being transformed.

You no longer feel the pain and weight as a burden, but a blessing.

You want to tell all your caterpillar friends, but they wouldn’t understand.

When it is their time, they too, will go through a transformation.   A painful, but beautiful transformation.

Some of your old caterpillar friends will meet with you again in the future, but you know you cannot go back to being a caterpillar.

You understand that you will have many more periods of transformation in your life, and you wonder what you will turn into next.  You get excited thinking about the future and all the possibilities.

But more than anything, you are thankful for your time as a caterpillar.


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