I am amazed at how fast 2018 went by.  It was a big year for me with a lot of changes.

Now that its all settled down, I have been thinking about my future and the kind of person I want to be.  What kind of actions do I need to take?  What kind of hobbies do I want to do?  Where do I want to spend my time?  Where do I need to stop spending my time?

I know I have a few things I need would like to change.

I was thinking of a story I heard a while back about elephants, and how we can learn something about self limiting beliefs from them.

They are one of the strongest and biggest animals in the world.  Yet, so many of them live chained to tiny shackles.

Have you ever seen the elephant abuse that goes on in Thailand or other countries?  I have, because I was a little asshole when I was younger and “rode” one when I was travelling there.  The elephant gets poked and prodded by someone with a sharp stick while tourists ride them.

These elephants have been so broken down that they have forgotten the power that they possess.  When the Thais leave for the night, they have the elephants shackled around the ankles with chains that the elephant could easily kick off.  Yet they don’t, they stay, night after night.


The Thai people did not just catch and tame a wild elephant.  Definitely not.  They trained the elephant from a very young age.  They shackled the elephant as a baby when the elephant indeed could not break out.

It would try and try.  But, eventually the elephant would accept its fate.  Clearly, the elephant would grow into a huge 5-10 tonne elephant. As the years would pass, they would still lock the elephant up in the same shackles, and the elephant would stay.  Of course the elephant could break through the shackles now,  so why did it stay?

It would stay because the elephant still had old limiting beliefs driving his actions.  He still believed that he could never escape the shackles.  He still believed that the shackles were stronger than he was, so he didn’t even try.

Its sad to see these beautiful creatures live like this.  Resigned to their fate.

Its also a lesson for us in how much we can become resigned to our own fate.

This year I must break out of my own self imposed shackles.  I urge you to join me in really listening to your internal dialogue.

What are you telling yourself?  What are you reinforcing?

How are you living up to your full potential in 2019?

What self limiting beliefs are you still holding on to?

Change the dialogue!  Remember how strong and capable you are of anything when you set your mind to it.  Remember that no one gets to shackle you and tell you how to live your life,  that you have the courage and the tools to overcome anything.

The elephant may have forgotten the power they possess.   But not you and I.

Its time to wake up, step back into our power and kick some ass in 2019!

Just listen to what you tell yourself, that will always be where your shackles are.



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